Les Infusions

Matthieu de Gottal Chocolatier

Les Infusions

Cotswold Honey but his friends call him Porridge

Pump Street Bakery Ecuador 60% Dark Milk chocolate infused with Lypiatt honey roasted oats.

Silver Medal: Academy of Chocolate Awards 2016

Pure Dark

Åkesson’s Organic 75% Madagascar Chocolate Ganache.

Bronze Medal: Academy of Chocolate Awards 2015

Pure Milk

Åkesson’s Organic 55% Brazil Milk Chocolate Ganache.

Simply Rose

Deep and intense Duffy'ss Panama 40% Milk chocolate  Infused with rose petal oil sourced in India.

Black Saffron

Strong flavoured Duffy’s Panama Tierra Oscura 72% dark chocolate infused with black saffron sourced in Iran, hand decorated in deep black.